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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alexander Buist
2before 199920
Alison Buist
2 February 1815204Newbury, Fife2
Ann C Buist
22 October 1871147Dundee, Angus3190811136Dundee, Angus
Anne Millar Buist
Catherine Robertson Buist
14 May 1843175Kilconquhar, Fife1after 188113837
Catherine Spence Buist
15 April 1896122Leuchars, Fife37 March 19863289Ontario, Canada
Charles Buist
30 July 1861157Kilconquhar, Fife720 March 19259363Leuchars, Fife
Charles Buist
Charles Buist
11 January 1841178Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife06 November 190311562Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
Charles Buist
12 January 1807212Dairsie, Fife95 April 189812091Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
Charles Buist
18 January 1901118Dairsie Mill, Fife4Monifieth, Angus
Charles Buist
1before 199920
Charmian Jane ‘Sasha’ BUIST
27 September 196256Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland02 May 20021639Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire, Scotland
Charmian Jane Buist
27 September 196256Edinburgh12 May 20021639Fort Augustus
Christian Buist
1778241Forgan, Fife0
Christina Beveridge Buist
6 January 1891128Leuchars, Fife331 October 19873196Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Christina Beveridge Buist
3 September 1874144Bridgend, Kinross64 June 19586083Dumfries Infirmary, Dumfries
David Buist
10 April 18721468 Damside, Kinross0after 20 December 189312521
David Buist
24 July 1835183Cauldrie, Newburn, Fife0before 188113845
Elizabeth Buist
Elizabeth Buist
Elizabeth Paterson Buist
23 September 1911107West London, England2about 13 September 20001888
Ellen Buist
about 18881310after 190711219
Ethel Ina Buist
9 April 1900118Western Australia, Australia97 December 19843484Western Australia, Perth, Australia
George Buist
1770249Forgan, Fife0
Gertrude Buist
25 October 1874144Dundee, Angus219447569Morningside, Edinburgh
Grace Elizabeth Buist
about 1893126Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia03 April 190311510Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia
Guy Eric Buist
20 June 1903115Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia711 December 19685065Harvey, Western Australia, Australia
Hannah Cochrane Buist
31 May 1868150Dundee, Angus012 July 18701482Dundee, Angus
Hannah Cochrane Buist
4 May 1880138Dundee, Angus026 June 190511325Dundee, Angus
Herbert Opie Cochrane Buist
5 September 1896122Western Australia, Perth, Australia010 April 19853388Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia
Isabella Cochrane Buist
22 June 1866152Dundee, Angus313 August 190411438Dundee, Angus
Isabella Hunter Buist
12 June 1870148Whitekirk, East Lothian0
Isabella Morris M Buist
18871322about 19279240Fife
James Buist
James Buist
James Buist
5 May 1866152North Berwick, East Lothian026 March 19328665Colinsburgh, Kilconquhar, Fife
James Buist
James Beveridge Buist
20 November 1867151W Cassingray, Carnbee, Fife117 June 190811040Combination Hospital, Dunfermline, Fife
Jane Gould Buist
4 February 1848171Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife025 May 187314525Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
Janet Buist
1812207Newbury, Fife0
Janet Buist
26 March 1838180Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife07 September 188513347Colinsburgh, Kilconquhar, Fife
Janet Pratt Buist
11 January 1876143East Cockairnie, Kinross3
Jean Buist
18032160before 18092106
Jean Buist
Jean Hannah Cochrane Buist
1893126Dundee, Angus0
John Buist
14 April 1833185Cauldrie, Newburn, Kilconquhar, Fife103 June 18961226330 Gilmour Street, Glasgow
John Buist
11 December 1804214Dairsie, Fife0
John Buist
John Buist
John Buist
1773246Forgan, Fife811 March 183018857Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
John Buist
12 June 1870148Moors of Kinross, Kinross0
John Haddon Buist
30 October 1862156Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland97 December 190711145East Kalgoorie, Western Australia, Australia
John Haddon Buist
about 1888131Queensland, Australia018901292
John Haddon Buist
about 1839180Dundee, Angus08 August 191710178Dundee, Angus
John Latto Farquharson BUIST
30 May 193088Dundee019 October 2012682Putney, London, England
Katharine Buist
24 March 1817201Newbury, Fife0
Katherine Latto Buist
27 June 193583Milton, Glasgow08 September 20021667Harrowgate, Yorkshire
Letitia Knight Buist
7 August 192395Strathkiness, Fife219883164
Lillian Winch Buist
27 September 1905113Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia03 October 19655360Harvey, Western Australia, Australia
Maggie Mitchell Buist
31 May 1868150Dundee, Angus025 August 18681500Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland
Margaret Buist
1780239Forgan, Fife0
Margaret Lewis Buist
August 1900118Dundee, Angus219853484Bricklehampton Hall nursing home, Nr Pershore, Worcestershire
Margaret Pratt Buist
5 September 1859159Largo Ward1028 February 19338573Kinross
Margaret Pratt Beveridge Buist
27 February 1874144Whitekirk, East Lothian0
Mary Buist
6 October 1845173Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife09 February 1926938076 Balsunsney Road, Kirkcaldy, Fife
Mary Buist
about 18122070
Mary Powrie Buist
21 June 1864154Dundee, Angus59 February 19279262Dundee, Angus
Mary Webster Buist
24 September 1863155Kilconquhar, Fife030 April 187614212Bridgend, Kinross
Muriel Hettie Buist
1895124Western Australia, Perth, Australia022 July 190711112Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia
Neil Anthony Buist
3 December 196652016 March 19972130
Peter Webster Buist
2 August 1850168Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife07 April 18571616Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
Richard Buist
13 June 1870148Dundee, Angus028 November 18741444Dundee, Angus
Richard Buist
31 May 1812206Dundee, Angus326 November 183917927Dundee, Angus
Richard Buist
about 1734285Fife7
Richard Buist
12 July 1837181Dundee, Angus025 May 18381800Dundee, Angus
Robert Buist
about 18451746between 4 December 1885 and 26 March 193213340
Robert Buist
21 August 1868150North Berwick, East Lothian0
Robert Buist
after 18931260after 6 October 19378144
Robert Beveridge Buist
22 January 1883136Fife13 October 19496966
Robert Cochrane Buist
17 April 192692Canterbury413 November 20081082Malta
Robert Cochrane Buist
1860159Dundee, Angus319398079
Robert I Buist
about 18651540before 188313618
Robina Buist
17 November 1831187Cairn, Kilconquhar, Fife511 January 19219889Largoward, Kilconquhar, Fife
Thoma Powrie Buist
1835184Dundee, Angus1120 July 191810083Barnhill, Broughty Ferry, Angus
Thomas Buist
22 May 1872146Whitekirk, East Lothian0
Thomas Buist
22 September 1776242Forgan, Fife1
Thomas Powrie Buist
15 February 1890129Dundee, Angus45 September 19714781Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Wiliam Buist
22 November 1864154North Berwick, East Lothian0
William Buist
William Buist
William Huntley Buist
1876143Dundee, Angus010 May 19407864Dundee, Angus